For this zine, Josh Poehlein and I traveled together to Aberdeen, WA, a small town near the Pacific coast. Aberdeen is the unlikely hometown of both Kurt Cobain and Lee Friedlander, a photographer whom we both respect.

Our initial objective was to photograph noteworthy Cobain landmarks in the photographic style of Lee Friedlander; a sort of imaginary meeting between two towering artistic figures. Cobain's childhood home, the Kurt Cobain Riverfront Park, and the Wishkah River itself were among the sites we visited over the course of a single summer day. But, as we began to review our final images, those which mixed our own styles with Friedlander's aesthetic became more interesting than the homages we initially set out to create.

A synthesis between influence, aesthetic instincts, and our individual histories has resulted in these new images of Aberdeen. Though Friedlander's photographs and Cobain's life story guided us as we worked, we also reached out to locals and tourists for subject matter, inspirations, and advice on where to go next.

Traveling west on the Olympic Highway just before entering town, drivers encounter a sign that states, "Welcome to Aberdeen - Come As You Are." This simple directive belies a deep complexity that Josh and I have come to respect after working on this publication.


Aberdeen is now sold out! Thank you to everyone who purchased a copy.

Printed at Conveyor Arts